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Exploring the Microbiome with Bioresonance Testing: Insights from Chip at Neighborly Wellness

At Neighborly Wellness, we’re always looking for innovative ways to understand and improve our health. One such technology that has caught our attention is bioresonance. This holistic approach utilizes electromagnetic frequencies to gain insights into various health aspects, offering a unique perspective on understanding our microbiome.

What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance, developed in the late 1970s, is based on the principle that every cell in the body emits electromagnetic waves. By analyzing these waves, bioresonance devices can identify potential disturbances or imbalances within the body. This technology not only provides insights but also aims to harmonize the body's energy fields.

Principles and Methods

  • Electromagnetic Frequencies: Bioresonance devices detect and address imbalances by analyzing the electromagnetic waves emitted by our cells.

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Use: These devices can identify various factors by analyzing electromagnetic frequencies and then emitting counter frequencies to promote balance.

Applications of Bioresonance

  1. Allergies and Sensitivities: By identifying specific allergens, bioresonance can help create personalized plans.

  2. Pain Management: It offers a non-invasive approach to addressing pain by targeting its root causes at an energetic level.

  3. Detoxification: Bioresonance aims to support the body’s natural detox processes by stimulating relevant organs.

  4. Emotional and Mental Well-being: By harmonizing energy fields, it may contribute to improved mental clarity and emotional stability.

Effectiveness and Limitations

  • Mixed Evidence: While there are positive testimonials and some studies suggesting benefits, the scientific community remains divided on the efficacy of bioresonance due to a lack of robust clinical trials.

  • Safety: Bioresonance is generally considered safe with minimal side effects reported, though effectiveness can vary.

Integration with Conventional Approaches

Bioresonance is often used alongside conventional methods, providing a complementary approach that addresses energetic imbalances. It’s important to consult with qualified practitioners and consider it a supplement to, not a replacement for, conventional approaches.

Bioresonance in Practice: Neighborly Wellness and TrueMedX

Here at Neighborly Wellness, we use bioresonance to interpret the frequencies inside the human body and compare them to various microbes like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Unlike traditional fecal tests, bioresonance can detect energetic expressions throughout the body, offering a more comprehensive view of the microbiome.

Benefits of Bioresonance Testing

Many people are surprised at the amount of relevant information a bioresonance reading can uncover. It often provides more insights than typical tests, helping guide treatment plans and supplement recommendations. Bioresonance testing is an affordable and non-invasive tool for those seeking a better understanding of their microbial health beyond just the gut.


If you're interested in exploring the state of your microbial health, consider reaching out to Neighborly Wellness and giving bioresonance a try. It might provide that missing puzzle piece for understanding stubborn health issues. For a deeper dive into this topic, check out the full conversation in the video below:


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