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About Neighborly Wellness

Redefine Your Function!

Welcome to Neighborly Wellness, your dedicated partner in fostering a healthy lifestyle! We specialize in services such as thermal imaging, Bioresonance, PEMF red light, foot ionizer detoxes, and offer Truemedx natural products. As forensic researchers of the Endocannabinoid System, we provide tailored solutions for diverse health needs. Explore our non-invasive testing and health consulting, seamlessly complementing allopathic programs. Our patented methods enhance human function, allowing holistic health addressing. Check out our podcast, Chip Talks, for researched health information. Join us in embracing a healthier and happier lifestyle at Neighborly Wellness!

Meet Chip

Chip Paul: Endocannabinoid System Speaker, Thought Leader, TrueMedX Founder, Neighborly Wellness Founder, EndoAnalysis Founder, Chip Talks Podcast Host.

Chip's expertise extends to the realm of thermography, where he is a certified thermographer, interpreting scans with precision through thermal imaging and bioresonance. His commitment to understanding the intricacies of the human body is reflected in his role as a forensic researcher of the endocannabinoid system, unraveling its mysteries and advancing our understanding of its profound impact on overall well-being.

As the chief innovator behind the Truemedx brand of natural products, Chip is dedicated to pioneering holistic solutions that harness the power of nature for optimal health. Join him on the ChipTalksPodCast, where he shares insights, interviews experts, and explores the cutting edge of wellness. With a unique blend of expertise and genuine passion, Chip is at the forefront of a health revolution, empowering individuals to take control of their well-being through knowledge and natural solutions.

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This is an image of Chip Paul with Chip Talks Podcast

Chip Talks Is A Weekly Podcast on Health, Science & Education

Greetings from Neighborly Wellness! Step into the captivating realm of health education and groundbreaking science with Chip Talks Podcast. Our esteemed host, the renowned researcher Chip Paul, will guide you on a weekly exploration of the intricacies of human function and well-being. Tune in to gain valuable insights at the intersection of Health, Science, and Education. Follow Chip Talks for a neighborly approach to enhancing your wellness journey!


Cindy Paul

Meet Cindy Paul, a dedicated health enthusiast with a multifaceted role in the wellness industry. As the logistical backbone at Truemedx, Cindy oversees all aspects of shipping and receiving, ensuring seamless operations for the organization. Simultaneously, she serves as the Director of Operations and Marketing for both Neighborly Wellness and Truemedx, contributing her expertise to strategic initiatives and promoting holistic well-being.

Cindy's passion extends beyond her professional roles; she is a firm believer in the healing power of food and dedicates her time to crafting healthy recipes. Her commitment to using food as medicine aligns with the mission of Neighborly Wellness, where she actively works to empower others to make nutritious choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Cindy shares her life with Chip Paul, her husband, and finds joy in the company of their four dachshunds. In her journey, Cindy embodies a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the importance of both professional dedication and personal well-being.

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